The current version of TMO has the correct Premier League teams as of Sept 1, 2014 (2014/2015 season).
64-bit users should download the pre-installed zip version.

To join TACTICAL MANAGER ONLINE click the TMO logo below:
Tactical Manager Online


Football management sim for the PC

DOWNLOAD COMPLETE TACTICAL MANAGER to host your own online session:
Click the link below. A download box will appear: do you want to RUN or SAVE
Hit SAVE (and make a note of destination folder, ex c:\temp)
When download is complete, go to that folder and double-click TM_setup.exe to install the program.
TM_setup.exe (version 4.83 - Sept 1, 2014 - 24MB
2014/2015 English Premier League
Now with 1000 club logos included

TMcom_setup.exe (version 4.83) - Sept 1, 2014 - 30MB
(with audio commentary and 1000 club logos)

2014/2015 season
(includes audio commentary by BBC's Mike Ingham)

DOWNLOAD PRE-INSTALLED TACTICAL MANAGER (same as above, but pre-installed):
Click the link below to download a zipped version of TM. No need to install. Just unzip to your chosen folder.
Then double-click tacticalmanager.exe or tm3.exe to launch the game (the filename may vary). (same but with audio commentary and club badges)
     (version 4.83) - Sept 1, 2014 - 30MB

tacticalmanager.exe (version 4.82) - June 12,2013 - 1.3MB (executable only)
This file is only useful if you have ALREADY installed the game and merely wish to replace the old executable file
The executable has NO effect on your data. If you need the latest Premiership data then you need to download the entire Tactical Manager above.

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